John McCain

We have decided that while supporting John McCain is a great and honorable task, we want to broaden our support of the Republican Party and most importantly, our nation. This election is vitally important so Let’s Get this Right.
We are at risk of losing dozens of seats in Congress, facing a virtually unstoppable Democratic majority in the Senate and of course, losing the White House.
To any Republican who is considering staying home on November 4th we have one message, Shame on You. Don’t stay home. Let’s Get This Right. Your local representative deserves better. Your Congressperson deserves better. Your Senator deserves better and our country deserves better.
As Ronald Reagan said Sailing off a cliff with all flags flying is still sailing off a cliff. Let’s not sail off that cliff. Let’s Get This Right.
So what exactly are we asking?
We are asking for a leap of faith. We are asking for a dedication to a Cause Greater. We are asking for a show of courage and commitment.
We are asking that you go to our slate card Let’s Get This Right and donate as little as $10 to any or if you can, all of our selected Congressional or Senatorial candidates and $10, $25, $50, $100 or any amount you can afford to John McCain.
Also VERY IMPORTANT…..if you would like to be considered for a leadership position please email


Now this is a very SPECIAL project. Brad and I are going to run positive McCain ad’s on some very liberal networks

(MSNBC) and such as well as ads in Battleground states. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO FINISH THIS PROJECT!!
If EVERYONE on this site contributes $6.00 that’s it SIX BUCKS. That will get us up to Two More KEY TV ADS
Also if there is anyone out there willing to contribute more then the requested $6.00 here are some examples of what we need to finish up several more ads
NYC – Comedy Central – $75
Los Angeles – FOX NEWS – $100
Los Angeles – CNN – $125
Indianapolis – MTV – $60
Charlotte – CNBC – $15
Cleveland – SciFi – $6
Dallas – MSNBC – $55
And if you want to contribute $300.00 for an ad we will put YOUR NAME at the end of the ad and send you a $50.00 Gas Card.

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